Nickel Clip – 50 Pack

Clips for LiteNetics Magnetic Light Strands.

The Nickel Clip allows you to apply your Lite-Netics Strands on applications that are not metal…. you can now apply magnetic strands anywhere!

How To Apply: Use a #8 x ¾ Flat Head Phillips Zinc Plated wood screw to apply to wood surfaces. Use Geocel 2300 or Geocel 2312 to glue to aluminum, metal, brick, glass or shingle. When gluing, you may want to use a painters tape for the first 48 hours to hold clip in place while drying.


Stock Code: Nickel Clip
Part No.: Nickel Clip
Amperage: N/A
Bulb Shape: C7 or C9
Wire Type: N/A
Brand: NC
Package Qty: 50 per pack
Color: Nickel Coated
UL Listed: Indoor/Outdoor
Misc: Screws Not Included