Easy-to-Hang Christmas Lights

How to Get Started With Lite-Netics Holiday Lighting

STEP 1: Measure to Create a Custom Christmas Light Hanging Plan

We offer 25′ strands with a max continuous span of 3 consecutive or 75′ total (due to built in fuse). For spans larger than 75′ we recommend our Lite-Netics spools 100 – 500′. Run a single strand over a long span utilizing a single power outlet. Create multiple custom strands from one spool by cutting and splicing.

Easy Christmas Light Hanging Example Diagram

STEP 2: Calculate Lite-Netics Magnetic Christmas Light Wattage Needs

Once you have measured and know your total linear distance you are now ready to calculate wattage. Depending on the style of bulb you choose you will need to plan your strands and power supply accordingly. We recommend LED for structures that require longer continuous strands. The LED option provides greater overall energy savings too!

Light Strands Bulbs Per Strand Total Watts Max Sets Connected Total Lights
C7 Incandescent Lights (20 gauge) 25 125 3 75
C7 LED Lights
(20 gauge)
25 2.4 87 2175
C9 Incandescent Lights (20 gauge) 25 175 2 50
C9 LED Lights
(20 gauge)
25 2.4 87 2175

STEP 3: Select Christmas Light Bulb Size, Shape and Color

Choose between two shapes sphere or cone. Select size C7 or C9. Pick your desired LED light color.

Christmas LED Light Bulb Size Comparison