Frequently Asked Questions

Will this product save me time on labor?

Yes, this has been tested, and professional installers have saved as much as 50% in labor time and cost from older more traditional methods used on installations.

Will the exposed magnet rust or corrode?

No, the magnet is plated with a nickel protective coating that prevents any rusting.

What is the hottest temperature that these magnetic strands can withstand?

It is recommended that you do not use this product on surfaces that reach above 175 degrees farienheight.

Will these magnetic strands stick to all metal?

Like any magnet, it will stick to any surface containing ferrous metals (iron or steel). Aluminum is not a ferrous metal.

Will these magnetic light strands still work with the shingle tabs if needed at special locations?

Yes, the design of these strands still allows for the use with all other traditional C9 light socket clips or tabs.

Do these light strands need any additional glues, screws or adhesives or clips?

No, these magnetic strands eliminate the need for any glues, nails, staples, screws, adhesives and most importantly any additional accessories like parapet clips or tabs. However with residential applications, because the quality of the metal differs from house to house Litenetics does recommend using a clip every few feet to ensure maximum adhesion to the perimeter of the house.

What length of strands do you supply?

Lite-Netics, LLC currently manufactures lengths in 25 ft,  100 ft, 250 ft and 500 ft spools.

Will these magnetic sockets work with LED bulbs?

These magnetic socket will work with both incandescent and LED bulbs.

Can you ‘take down’ the light strands by pulling the wire from the ground level without damaging the strand?

Yes, Lite-Netics has tested these strand to be pulled off metal to do a ‘take down’ during an uninstall.