Why Buy Magnetic Christmas Lights?

Reason 1: Damage Free Christmas Light Installation and Take Down

Our patented magnetic holiday lighting easily clings to any ferrous metal surface. The magnet’s power is so strong it has withstood wind tests up to 80 mph with zero adhesion failure. The product development team hand selected a special type of high-grade neodymium magnet. This variety of magnet is also known as “rare-earth magnet” or a “permanent magnet” for its high saturation magnetization.

Magnetic Holiday Lighting Strands

Reason 2: Save Hours on Your Installation Time

Simply start by magnetizing point A. Then stretch the strand to point B. If your strand is tight all lights in between will cling to the metal edge with only minor adjustments needed. A perfect installation with very little effort and no extra hardware needed. Our system results in zero damage to the structure’s facade.

Magnetic Holiday Lighting Strands

Reason 3: Switch to LED Save Big On Power Bills

Our strands are compatible with both LED and incandescent C7 or C9 sizes options. For more information about how the energy use compares check out this handy comparison chart. We offer a wide selection of spherical or traditional cone shaped bulbs in the full spectrum of color options. Choose your favorite single color or you can mix and match.

Christmas Light Energy Usage Guide